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Types of Home Mortgages You Should Know About

Every home buyer should know all the options that are available to them prior to entering into a long-term binding contract. The basic differences between the mortgage types are covered in the list below.

  • Cash Back Mortgages
    Cash-back mortgages were more popular prior to the last economic downfall, the 2008 financial crisis. While they have not been completely written off as a worthy mortgage option, there are still some property owners that choose this option. ... More
  • Construction Mortgage Options
    Options on Construction Mortgages Currently, there are a few kinds of construction financing available. Though building a home can be quite a complicated endeavor, your mortgage should be quite simple. There are 3 categories within ... More
  • Why Equity Based Mortgages?
    For those prospective home owners who are unable to prove income or have a damaged credit history, an equity based mortgage can be a great option. If you currently have equity in a home or you can provide a large down payment, you may still be ... More
  • Plan For First-Time Home-Buyers
    Purchasing a new home and securing a mortgage is a huge commitment and is one of the most important financial decisions your will ever make. It is greatly beneficial that the process can be simplified. In order for you to get your mortgage ... More
  • HELOC or Home Equity Line of Credit
    A Home Equity Line of Credit is the process of using your homes equity to get a secured line of credit. With a HELOC, you can use this equity to be used for another purpose. For instance, these funds may be used to purchase a new vehicle or to ... More
  • Rental and Investment Properties
    Investment Property Mortgages Highlights 1) Amortization periods up to 35 years, with Variable and Fixed Rate Mortgages Permitted 2) Great Rates, quite close to the best rates possible 3) Loan to Value ratio of 80% on ... More
  • Mortgages For The Self-Employed
    CMHC and Genworth both recognize the unique challenges that are faced by self-employed Canadians. Genworth and CMHC offer mortgages loan insurance options for borrowers that are self-employed in order to help clients realize their dreams of ... More
  • Mortgages for Newcomers to Canada
    CMHC and Genworth offer special financing options to borrowers with permanent residence status and non-permanent status. These newcomers to Canada help to increase the nation's positive population growth and have also created a wider variety of ... More
  • No Income Verification Mortgage
    The no income verification loan was quite popular a few years ago. These mortgage products gave the borrower the opportunity to purchase a mortgage without providing any income verification, so long as they had a favorable credit score. These ... More
  • Pre-Qualify For A Mortgage in Minutes
    Hunting for a new house can be an exciting time. It sure does help to know what you can afford prior to stepping foot on a property. Finding out if you quality for a mortgage is FREE and there is no obligation. Once you find out, your approved ... More
  • Purchase Plus Mortgages
    It is common for people to purchase a home that may need a few renovations or the new home owners would like to add their own customizations to their living space. There are current programs in place that will help the home buyers pay for these ... More
  • Purchasing Raw Land
    Undeveloped land is considered to be the riskiest type of real estate investment, according to the banks. Financial advisors will typically counsel against raw land purchases for most private investors. They believe that it is wise to only invest ... More
  • Refinancing Options and Debt Consolidation
    It is possible to refinance up 80% of your home's value without needing CMHC! Many clients have been taking advantage of the available lender refinance program, thanks to the major appreciation in housing prices during the past 7 years. ... More
  • Mortgage Renewals and Transferring Lenders
    As long as you are at the end of your mortgage term, there are no costs, appraisal fees, legal work, or penalties to transfer your mortgage from one lending institution to another. The mortgage renewal is often the most neglected decision made ... More
  • Second Homes and Vacation Homes
    It is completely normal that your needs will change or grow as your family needs grow and change. A great mortgage broker can help to alleviate weeks of work and time finding the best mortgage rates and terms available. Some clients will want to ... More

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